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At Berry’s Jewelry, we’ve been doing custom designs for more than 35 years. We believe a custom designed ring should have three important components:

  • It Should be Beautiful
  • The Ring Must be Comfortable
  • The Stones Must be Set Securely

Our goal is to provide you with the best information for selecting beautiful mountings and stones.

Getting Started

To start the process of custom designing a jewelry piece, get in touch with us. You will not be pressured in any way, and we will devise the best blueprint to meet your needs and budget.

Select the Size and Shape

We will help you select the size, shape, color, and clarity of the center diamond that fits the investment you have in mind.

Select the Mount

Show us a picture of what you have in mind, and we will generate a virtual model or wax cast for your approval. On the other hand, we have several premade mounts that you can select from. Once the mount is chosen, we require a $300 deposit.

Stamped for Approval

Once the stone, mount, and design are selected, we will proceed with a model for your approval. During this time, we welcome any changes you would like made, including the exact ring size.


Get your finished ring as well a certificate of appraisal if a certified diamond was purchased. The timeframe for delivery is 2-4 weeks, and we accept all major credit cards.

Our Expert Services

We offer expert jewelry repairs in our studio. We can get the grimiest rings to shine like new with our buffer and ultrasound equipment. We work on any precious metal including gold, silver, or platinum.

Our reputation for quality work and competitive prices is known throughout South Texas. Just ask around!

Other Services Include:

Jewelry Collections Include

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