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The Two-Story House With a Thousand Stories Of Love

We’re a Family Built on Love

John and Joanna Berry founded Berry’s Jewelers more than 30 years ago. John was previously a manager for a national jewelry company, and following several promotions and transfers, he decided to make Corpus Christi his permanent home.

With two children and a third on the way, John opened our original store in a previous mattress warehouse. This all transpired during the recession of the 70s. Through perseverance and high quality standards, traits that have become synonymous with our name, we made our first sale of $1,001 for two watch pins.

From these early days, we’ve built a strong reputation of quality, competitive pricing, and dependable jewelry services in the area. Our owner John, has furthermore trained with the Gemological Institute of America, specializing in diamond sales and designs.

Inspiring Stories of Love

Many of our customers handpick jewelry as a symbol of their love. It could be a husband showing his dedication to his wife, or vice versa. Here’s are a few stories we simply love:

One Monday, a couple entered our store and leisurely eyed the perfect pair of wedding bands. Their conversation went something like this:

“We haven’t set a wedding date yet, so call us when the correct size arrives!” The next day, we received a frantic phone call from the same couple telling us their wedding date would be in two days! They asked us: “Can we get the rings on time?”

We delivered, as promised, and were elated to bring this dream to reality.

The Chivalrous Romantic

On another occasion, a couple came in our store browsing for rings. Shortly after, we received a phone call:

“Hi, I’m Andy, and we were just in there looking at rings. I’d like to pay by credit card over the phone, and when we come back, please tell my fiancé that the ring was sold. Could you find a way to secretly hand me the ring when we’re leaving? I’d like to surprise her!"

We delivered on this request, and this surprise, we believe, will always be a part of their love story.

Strengthening Love From a Distance

We had a soldier in Iraq returning soon for a short leave wishing to surprise his girlfriend. A family member took her browsing in our store to get a better idea of her style.

A few phone calls later we helped select a center diamond, combined with stones from his grandmother’s ring. We were happy to custom design a unique engagement and wedding ring set.

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